A kid’s point of view: Discovering what my limits aren’t

By Colleen, age 10

For the first time ever, I ran two miles.

colleenI RAN them, I didn’t walk. The weird thing is, I felt great afterward. In fact, it wasn’t even my idea. Ben gave me a long lecture about if I stop walking and run more I’d get faster results, blah, blah, blah and so on. But I decided to give it a try.

It was actually pretty easy. I think I had this mental barrier or something. I thought it would be way too hard, but it just wasn’t. Me and Mom went around downtown Ossian twice. There is a one-mile loop that we run sometimes. I just can’t believe how easy it was. And I think I even did it sorta fast. Well, fast for me, not real fast.

Fun, it was just fun. It was just amazing to figure out that I could do that. That wasn’t my limit, though. I would have gone 3 except it was a school night.

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2 Responses to A kid’s point of view: Discovering what my limits aren’t

  1. Gpa says:

    Great job Colleen. I’ll have to ride my bike with you sometime!

  2. columnistcolleen says:

    i’ll have to consider that sometime(=

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