A kid’s point of view: 200-calorie shape shifters

So 200 calories, so many options. Did you know that you could consume a full plate of carrots for the same calories as an ounce or two of blackberry pie?

colleenMy dad sent me a link to this cool web site where there is a whole photo gallery of foods you could have for 200 calories. I think it’s really weird how there’s some foods that you think aren’t that bad, and then you find out how bad they really are. Like there were these two chunks of cheese next to a whole plate of apple slices. The cheese chunks were pretty small, like a tall domino. In this other picture, there was just a small amount of jelly beans next to three big bunches of broccoli.

I can’t say that this photo gallery is going to change the way I eat, because I’m happy with the way I’m eating right now. I’m still doing Slim-Fast even though school started this week. In a lot of ways it’s pretty easy to do it at school, because you don’t have as many snack options as you do at home. If you have a snack, it’s just what you brought from home, and I’ve been bringing 100 calorie snack bars.

But it’s a really cool assortment of photos and I found it interesting. I think it really puts 200 calories in perspective.

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3 Responses to A kid’s point of view: 200-calorie shape shifters

  1. Amy Lesemann says:

    Cassie- I went to this site, and it was really interesting. I guess I always knew about the broccoli and carrots. Frankly, I’m just not that interested in snarfing down a bowl of broccoli! But -the stack of Werther’s butterscotch candies – that was interesting! If I’m having a sugar attack, that would help, and the lack of fat in them is useful. I’ve used jelly beans in the past to help with that. This is another tool. I didn’t know that a basic glazed donut was not so bad (ok, you can’t eat the entire thing, but still!). Baked beans – bad, huh? I did not know that. Thanks for the site! Amy Lesemann

  2. columnistcolleen says:

    actually, i didn’t find it my dad did!

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