The pretend weight-loss contest


Three weeks in, Grandpa finally posted a chart so participants could see where they ranked. (Sort of).

I’ve been hassling my dad about the shortcomings of the family weight-loss contest he initiated a few weeks ago.

For one thing, no one could remember what the start and end dates were because nobody had posted any standings until I finally badgered him into hanging a chart up in his garage on Sunday.

In my mind, this contest is the poster child for what NOT to do in a weight-loss contest. Besides not posting standings, we also:

  • Decided to have participants weigh in on their own and report their results using the honor system.
  • Never collected any entry fees at the start of the contest, so it might be a hassle to get people to pay up ($5 each) after it’s clear they’re no longer likely to win.
  • And we never really figured out what to do in the event of a tie.

Still, maybe I’m just grouchy because I’ve gone up instead of down in the two (or is it three?) weeks we’ve been doing the contest. Ben and Colleen, the top two competitors at 2.6 and 2.8 pounds lost respectively,  have both been taking this way more seriously than I have — perhaps because a relatively small jackpot looms larger in their eyes.

We’ll see this through to the end (whenever that is), and then see if we can make some improvements next time around. I guess a first-draft effort is better than nothing.  

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