A kid’s point of view: Sticking with Slim Fast

By Colleen, age 10

Slim-Fast has been working fairly well lately. Most of the time I have a meal bar for breakfast, a shake for lunch, and a 500 hundred calorie meal for dinner.

colleenI’m liking it a lot. It gives me enough snacks, and Mom says I can have fruit for free. Working together with exercise, I think I will keep steadily losing weight.

It’s working so good mom is thinking about trying it too. Some days are harder than others. I mean some days I get up and I want to quit, but others I get up and think that it’s really going to work today.

What’s really hard is surviving temptations at Grandma’s. Pretzel M&Ms are killer! But overall, as long as I’m well-equipped at Grandma’s with safe snacks and especially drinks, it works pretty well.

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1 Response to A kid’s point of view: Sticking with Slim Fast

  1. triathlonobsession says:

    Keep at it Colleen! Nice job! 🙂

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