Running Mii vs. Running Wii

This has been the summer of the running Wii. Training regularly with my sister — ramping up our workouts with intervals — has been awesome. Introducing Colleen to 5Ks has been fun.  Coaxing  various family members into a team triathlon was cool.

As I’ve said to my sister on many a run this year, it’s definitely worth it to sacrifice short-term individual goals in the interest of drawing more family members into endurance sports. The more they get involved, the easier it will be to fit races and triathlons into our future. Yes, that might mean I’ll wind up run/walking the Galloping Gobbler with Colleen this year instead of trying for a PR in one of my favorite races, but it also helps turn that into a family tradition instead of just Mom’s selfish quest to avoid turkey duty.

runningmiiThat being said, it had been a long time since I indulged my Running Mii on a longish solo jaunt. Sunday morning, with the house quiet and a potentially busy day looming, I decided it was time to head out on my old DIY Mini Marathon course and see how many miles might roll by before I cried uncle.

Most of the week U.S. 224 feels too busy to deal with. On Sunday mornings, though, it turns into tranquility turnpike. By the time I got to the Norwell school intersection, I’d encountered just as many runners (1) as vehicles.

Lately we’ve been running faster but my endurance has been suspect. It felt good to just lope along, alone with my thoughts, which have felt pretty crowded in one of our busiest summers on record — especially since yoga’s pretty much fallen by the wayside.

I thought I might start fretting about how far to go, but I was already past the 7-mile turnaround before it even occurred to me. By then, I figured I might as well go to 950 North — aka the Heyerly’s Bakery road — which would make for a run just short of 10 miles.

It was tougher going back. My breathing was good but my legs were a little tired. Still, there’s a part of you — deep inside the Running Mii — that knows you can finish a run you’ve conquered previously, if you just keep putting one foot in front of the other.

About that time I got a text from my sister, who was back from a baseball tournament in Ohio earlier than expected.

“Want to go for a trail run?” she texted.

Crap. I knew she’d be irritated I’d gone without her, especially since we’d been talking about tackling a 10-miler later this week. Sure enough, when I called back to explain — it seemed too much effort to text — the call was mysteriously lost as I was in mid-sentence.

But the thing is, I feel like now our Running Wii will be stronger when we do tackle that 10-miler. I‘ve been lagging a bit on our runs, slowing us down, doing too much whining. I’ll be a better training partner now that I’ve spent some quiet time building up the confidence of my Running Mii.

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