Don’t fear the scoreboard

This week’s addition to my weight-loss page is the term “scoreboard,” which is how I think of the small notebook I still use to track my eating and workouts.

I suspect a lot of people despise tracking their food intake because it feels too much like homework. If you view something as tedious, you’re not going to keep it up for long.

If you think of your tracking system — whether it’s a phone app or a spiral notebook — as a scoreboard, then you’re changing the whole process into a game. It becomes easier to notice trends. Develop strategies. And you get better at it the more you play.

Maybe knowing the grisly details of your daily consumption feels too invasive. But think of it this way: You’re already playing this game. And if you’re not watching the scoreboard, then you’re probably falling way behind, taking in more calories than you burn every single day.

If you try to win this game even one or two days a week, you’ll make progress. That’s how rallies begin.

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