A kid’s point of view: I need a challenge

By Colleen, age 10

First of all, hope you had a happy 4th of July.

colleenTo be honest, I haven’t run much since the 5K-a-day challenge ended. And I just figured out why. I need a challenge to stay interested, a test of my strength. Even though I have some races coming up, I just can’t bring myself to train as much as I need to do.

Now I’ve got a new challenge that I think will help me in training. My new challenge is that every 10 miles I run I get a prize. Every 5 miles, I get a container of fruit that belongs just to me — that I don’t have to share with my brother and sisters.

I like this more than a weight loss contest because whenever I want a prize, I just run more. This way I feel like I have more control than in a weight loss contest, where I just hope the scale will say what I want it to.

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3 Responses to A kid’s point of view: I need a challenge

  1. Motivation is difficult for all of us. Maybe looking at the web sites for the races you are signed up for will help inspire you. Are any of them raising money for a cause? Are any in cool places?
    Race web sites often have photos and all of those smiling faces can be inspiring. Maybe check the results of last year’s race and see how people your age did. Is your goal as fast as them? Could you beat them if you worked a little harder?
    Running is 80% in your head. If you change your mind you can make amazing progress towards your goals.
    Good luck, and run well.

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