The cut-and-paste weight loss tool

This week’s addition to my weight-loss page is the cut-and-paste tool. It’s a visualization trick that’s helped me spot creative ways to lighten up favorite foods by swapping out key ingredients that might not have occurred to me otherwise.

iphone_3_0_cut_pasteProbably the best example is the time I pictured a big greasy plate of diner-style French fries dripping with ketchup. I “cut” the fries out of that picture and “pasted” in a similarly arranged heap of fried green pepper strips.

Ordinarily it would never occur to me to dump ketchup on pepper strips — and there’s a good chance I wouldn’t find it very appealing. But the visualization process infused this offbeat snack with just enough of the original image’s sentimental appeal to make it palatable. Heck, I’d even go so far as to call it tasty.

Late Saturday night, as Bob and I sat in what passed for our hotel’s sports bar, it was a cut-and-paste maneuver that saved me from a calorie-laden late-night snack.

Looking over the menu, I could just see myself indulging in a big plate of nachos. But then I cut the chips out of that picture and pasted in crunchy greens instead. I did the same thing with the meat and cheese toppings, subbing them out for the fruit and nuts in the raspberry vinegrette salad.

Bob and I split one, and when it arrived, I ate a couple of lettuce leaves with my fingers to perpetuate the mental fiction. It was delicious and satisfying — not to mention devoid of the guilt that usually accompanies late-night munchies.

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