5k a day Ironkid training update


Colleen, right, with cousins Madison and Kyla, rode a bike for Tuesday’s 5K rather than run/walk it.

Day 2 of Colleen’s plan to do a 5K a day for one week collided with our busy schedule. By the time we got back from Ben’s baseball game in Fort Wayne, it was nearly 11 p.m.

The good news: It was considerably cooler than it had been earlier in the day. We decided to do three laps of a 1-mile loop around downtown Ossian, and Colleen found she could jog much farther without the sun beating down on her. She ran almost all of the first lap with only a block or two of walking breaks, then ran about half of the second lap.

By the third lap, after picking up a drink at the “aid station” — the 24-hour Ossian Deli/Marathon station — she was pooped, so we finished up with a brisk walk.

On Tuesday, Colleen and some of her cousins rode bikes at the state park while Grandma pushed Kyla in the stroller and Traci and I did a trail run. They wound up riding Colleen’s 5K course from Sunday along with laps around the campground, and since both she and Ben had baseball games last night, we decided this would be her “cross training day,” with a 5K bike ride instead of a walk/run.

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