The ‘5K a day’ Iron Kid training snake encounter


Colleen and Grandpa on the trail, shortly after the snake encounter

I would’ve liked to celebrate Father’s Day by doing a relay triathlon with my 70-year-old dad.

That never came together, but he did pedal along Sunday as Colleen and I began  Day One of her “5K a Day” Iron Kid training program.

After the 5K Chick Run earlier this month, Colleen realized that wasn’t such a scary distance after all, especially if she walked when needed. So for the next week she’s going to do a 5K every day to see what kind of training boost that gives her.

On Sunday we met Grandma and Grandpa at Ouabache State Park, and Grandpa rode with us on a route that took us onto Garter Snake Alley. I guess I’d gotten out of the habit of scanning the ground for snakes after they seemed to disappear during last year’s drought, so I was startled when Colleen yelled “Snake!” — especially when I looked down and SAW MY FOOT WAS ABOUT TO COME DOWN DIRECTLY ON TOP OF IT!

Luckily, my feet are as freaked out about snakes as my brain, and they leaped out of the way before I even knew what was happening. The snake scooted off the path to safety, and we continued on our way, consumed by laughter.

Colleen was less enthusiastic about this 5K than the Chick Run, but she was a trooper about working in jogging sections. Meanwhile, Grandpa decided he might get a bike rack so he can come ride at the state park more often.

Maybe we’ll get him ready for the next Fox Island Sprint Triathlon in July … the day after the Iron Kid Triathlon on July 20.

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