Should we try a diet bet?

My friend Jen is fired up about winning her first game on, though it’s too early to know how much she’ll win — there were 662 players in the online game, and they’ll divide the $16,860 pot based on how many achieved their goal.

dietbetShe doubts she’ll win much — she’s donating 10% of her winnings to the Fort Wayne Dance Collective, and participants lost a total of 2,884 pounds — “but Weight Watchers never gave me my money back so I’m excited anyway,” she said in an e-mail.

While she waits to hear the results, she’s joined a couple of other dietbet games to keep herself motivated after losing 16 pounds this month.

“It’s slower coming off now, so I’m going to have to WORK and stay accountable,” she wrote. “I am hoping I can win again!

Ever since Wells Weighs In ended last month, Grandpa’s been wanting to organize a family fitness challenge. Should we do it through

The deadline factor is a big motivator for me, as is the prospect of having money on the line. (I hated paying a weekly fee to Weight Watchers, but I viewed it as an “investment” that could pay off more quickly the sooner I lost the weight.)

One of the advantages of the online game is that it removes the awkwardness/accountability of weighing in with family or friends. You submit two photos of yourself, one clothed “in airport attire” and one a closeup of the scale that includes a code word in the picture. Nobody else — other than the panel of referees — sees your photo or your weight unless you want them to. But you can post your progress, both in terms of weight loss and workout goals, for other game members to comment on.

This kind of reminds me of our annual family online NCAA Tournament pool, only with a greater potential reward. What do you think, Grandpa?

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One Response to Should we try a diet bet?

  1. Jen says:

    Dooooo eeeeeeeet!

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