Hands-free Whopper Holder strikes a nerve

“Ok, here’s your next column topic,” said Brad at work Monday. “Burger King’s come out with a Whopper Holder, so you can eat your burger without having to use your hands. It’s like the laziest fast food ever!”

Happily, it now appears to be more of a joke than a trendsetter. The gizmos, supposedly distributed in Puerto Rico to mark the chain’s 50th anniversary there, were accompanied by a video that resembles an SNL skit.

Still, it’s worth asking yourself: In a world in which every act is potentially captured on cell phone cameras, ever wonder what you look like when you’re wolfing down fast food in your car? In a way, it’s just as gross to eat and drive as it is to eat while you’re administering a tattoo and all the other nutty multitasking that takes place in this video.

The only people who really need to be ingesting calories on the move are endurance athletes — such as the cyclist shown in the video.

(Hmmm… Maybe that’s why I’m drawn to longer-distance events … 🙂

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