Tough-as-Traci’s toenails training

tracistoeAnytime I start to doubt my sister’s running resolve, I should remember this picture. I found it stored on my phone this weekend, taken after a run a few weeks ago in which one of Traci’s toenails had been gouging another toe. I’d have whined about it the entire way, but she never even mentioned it until afterward.

Earlier this spring, when Traci’s usual winter running hiatus seemed like it might never end, I did start to wonder if my running partner was losing interest. But ever since we began a training program based on Run Less, Run Faster, she’s been pushing me again. Sometimes it’s all I can do to keep up.

This past week we ran 4 miles of hills, 4 miles of short intervals, a faster-than-usual 3 miles and a 6-miler that wasn’t nearly as slow as advertised.

It’s been quite a workout for my lungs at times, but a funny thing has been happening. Later in the day, I remember how it felt to really push my respiratory system into overdrive and I secretly can’t wait to do it again.

Don’t tell my sister. Who knows what kind of fiendish workout she’ll come up with next!

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