A kid’s point of view: Will power

By Colleen, age 10

colleenAs I was getting ready for school Thursday morning, I saw a bunch of those Fiber One 90 calorie brownies. Now, part of my brain said “MUST DEVOUR. NO HESITATION.  GRAB ALL.”

However, there was another part of my brain that said, “Just ask Mom. She will let you have one.”

So I did. As I was eating it, Mom said,” I have an awesome idea. Count these up and write down how many there are. Then if there are any less when you get home — well, let’s just say there won’t be less.”

Now, if I had not counted them, they would absolutely have been gone  when I got home from school. (The LAST DAY OF SCHOOL, I might add!)

When I got home, the first thing I did was count them. Well, actually, the first thing I did was eat the Starburst Ron the bus driver gave to me.  THEN I counted them.

“There’s only seven!” I told Mom. “You’re guilty!”

Mom explained that Ben and Cassie had each had one when they got home from school. (They get home earlier than I do.) And then I had one, so actually there were only six.)

But the moral of the story is: For Mom and I both, if there’s something that requires will power, such as the brownies, and there is a reward involved — even if the reward is just pride — then we’ll succeed. (My mom calls this accountability.)

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4 Responses to A kid’s point of view: Will power

  1. Gpa says:

    Good article Colleen! Are you going to become a writer like your mom and dad? Keep up the good work.

  2. sammi says:

    Great job Colleen! Those things are not allowed in my house, I like them too much. Anything like that would be dangerous for me.

    • columnistcolleen says:

      yeah, i know what you mean. but that is why mom developed this system of having me write stuff down.

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