Egg white sandwiches: McDonalds vs. Subway

McDonald's Egg White Delight

McDonald’s Egg White Delight

When McDonald’s announced it was coming out with an egg white version of its Egg McMuffin, my brother Brent suggested a taste test: McDonald’s vs. Subway.

But as we revisited the idea over the weekend, we realized taste isn’t really the issue. It’s convenience vs. value.

The Egg White Delight tastes as good if not better than the original McMuffin, says Brent, who’s been breakfasting on the EWD most workdays lately.

He no longer really cares how it stacks up to a Subway breakfast sandwich because he doesn’t want to take the extra time involved with a Subway order. For him, having settled on a health-taste ratio he can live with, it’s now an issue of speed and convenience.

I take Subway’s side in this debate because my primary issue is value. I think the EWD tastes good enough, and it might even taste as good as a Subway English muffin sandwich. But if I can get a 6-inch breakfast sub AND a coffee for $3, why settle for a muffin? (The EWD is $2.49 around here, or 2 for $3.33. Brent gets two and eats one later, but I don’t want to be tempted into eating two of ‘em.)

I order my egg white sub without cheese but load up on veggies and hot sauce.

I order my egg white sub without cheese but load up on veggies and hot sauce.

I’m also in the process of giving up drive-thrus, so I can’t be too obsessed with time and convenience if I want that to work.

Viewed through a low-carb lens, Subway wins hands down. I got an EWD on the day of my Fighter Diet Fail, planning to take the muffin off and just eat the egg and ham, but it was so skimpy I felt kind of cheated. (Not a good way to feel when you’re trying to follow a specific diet.) Whereas an Egg White Sub is substantial even without the bread. And if you load it up with veggies, you’ve got a hefty egg white taco.

Finally, I was disappointed that the EWD wasn’t a better calorie bargain. It comes out to 250 calories and 7 Weight Watchers points, vs. 300 calories and 8 WW points for an Egg McMuffin. You could lower the calorie count by skipping the meat, but there are no veggies to add.

Subway lists its 6 inch EWO sub at 320 calories, which comes out to 8 points. (I don’t get cheese on mine, which surely puts it under 300 calories, for a much larger and more filling sandwich.)

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