WWI: And the results are in…

Our weight-loss team, the Fitness Protection Program, came in 7th out of 72 teams in Wells Weighs In with an official loss of 7.54 percent.

Our weight-loss team back in January. We never did get an "after" picture.

Our weight-loss team back in January. We never did get an “after” picture.

The winning team, Waist Not Want Not, dropped an amazing 17.61 percent. Those four people, whoever they are (there were no pictures posted this year), won $1,000 and a YMCA membership.

Naturally, Dad couldn’t help noting that if we’d met our original goal of 10 percent, we would’ve placed third. And he did get his 10 percent, after earlier saying he couldn’t possibly lose more than 6 pounds. (It’s kind of funny how Dad keeps his actual weight a secret, even though he’s never been fat.) I also got 10 percent — actually slightly more than that, though I didn’t do the math. Colleen got 7.5 percent. Obviously Traci’s loss was somewhat less than that, but she was too aggravated to calculate it and no one on our team is brave enough to question her about it.

My cousin Jill’s team, made up of her and her husband, their son Shane and their daughter Jessica, lost 3.02 percent. (They’re all what I used to call “normal people” back when I was doing interviews with people I perceived to be thin. Obviously they weren’t as thin as they wanted to be, but they’re all in better shape now than when they started.)

The question now is, where do we go from here? Dad reported that his weight bounced back up a few pounds this week, which was also the case for Colleen and I. (I didn’t ask Traci.) He’s eager to come up with a new challenge to keep our family focused on health and fitness, so we’ll probably take a short break and then try something new. In the meantime, if he’s worried about needing a goal to keep him focused on his weight, I guess he could always accompany me to Weight Watchers …

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