Fox Island triathlon highlights

Lining up before the 7 a.m. start.

Lining up before the 7 a.m. start.

I can’t believe how much fun I had at yesterday’s Fox Island Sprint Triathlon. Cutting 17 minutes off your time will do that. Instead of battling to stay out of last place, I actually came in closer to the middle of the pack, placing 43rd out of about 60 participants in 1:40:29.

I’ll have a report on the race tomorrow, but here are a couple of highlights on the day:

  • The biggest difference came on the bike, which was as fun this year as it was stressful last year because I actually got to race somebody other than the traffic cop pacing the last place rider. I don’t have a time yet for that segment, as the official results aren’t yet posted.
  • Despite not doing any training — he skipped both swim team and track to focus on JV baseball this year — Ben finished in about the same time as last year. (Around 1:35, though now I can’t find his little timing receipt.)
  • Boy, that water was cold!

    Boy, that water was cold!

    Though the web site reported the water temperature at 75 degrees, a couple of racers who took their own reading warned me it was closer to 67 degrees. Glad I took a wet suit along!

  • Bob shot photos for both The News-Sentinel and the race organizers. You can see his photos on the newspaper’s web site here, though I don’t think he’s posted the ones on the Fox Island Triathlon Facebook page yet. 
  • In yet another sign of the proliferation of fitness events, my sister Traci didn’t get to the triathlon yesterday because she had to help put on a 5K for her Tri Kappa organization in Bluffton. (I probably should’ve helped her, but I was too wiped out. We didn’t realize the scheduling conflict until Ben and I were already signed up for Fox Island.) Ben’s cross country teammate Tyler Weirick won the race, and Traci’s 9-year-old daughter Monroe won her age division. (I don’t know either of their overall times, but Monroe ran her first mile in 8:34.)
  • Ben returns from the 20K bike segment.

    Ben returns from the 20K bike segment.


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