WWI Week 16: What we lost — and what we gained

After weighing in back in January. We were all so busy on Thursday we weighed in separately.

After weighing in back in January. We were all so busy on Thursday we weighed in separately.

Well, I never saw this coming. When we started Wells Weighs In back in January, Traci and I considered kicking Dad off the team because we didn’t think he could lose enough weight to contribute.

Turns out Grandpa somehow managed to come up with a 10 percent loss — while Traci got too busy and increasingly grouchy about the project, especially after her superstitious scale phobia kicked in. She was a good enough sport to report for her final weigh-in, but she was unhappy and vague about the results.

“This is why I hate the #**%% scale!” she snarled on Wednesday when we went for a run. “I know I’m getting in better shape. I’ve been working out.  I’ve been watching what I eat. My clothes fit better. ”

She just doesn’t trust the arbitrary nature of the number on the scale. Whereas that number — variable as it can be — has served as a beacon to me, helping me find my way toward better eating and exercise habits.

The question is, however much we lost, did we gain anything from this contest? I think so.

  • Colleen’s loss of 10.2 pounds wasn’t as much as she was hoping for, but she’s gained quite a bit in the will power department these past four months.
  • Grandpa, who started out skeptical but wound up getting more excited than any of us about this contest, wants to start a family fitness project. We may put some money in a pool and compete for most steps walked or pounds lost.
  • I’ve gotten ridiculously good about nailing a number when I need to. Thursday morning I weighed in at my lowest weight of 2013, good enough for a loss of just over 10 percent. But I know that if I’d stepped on the scale by evening, I’d probably have weighed 4-5 pounds more — not just from overindulging but from drinking freely after restricting liquids for several hours before the weigh-in. In the future, I’d like to be less focused on a number — using it primarily as a guideline — and more focused on better fuel.
  • Even though Traci was less than thrilled with how this contest turned out, she admitted during Wednesday’s run that she’s glad that it sparked her to get in better shape. And she’s all for a family health project, though if it’s up to her it may be more focused on fitness than on weight loss.
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3 Responses to WWI Week 16: What we lost — and what we gained

  1. bgddyjim says:

    If you’ve all got smart phones with GPS (or GPS watches) you could all track workouts with the same software and do a calories burned contest – you won’t have the same fluctuation and available “cheats” with the scale. Whatever you choose I hope you have fun.

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