What I learned from my ‘Fighter Diet’ fail

A confession: I couldn’t resist trying the Pro Fighter’s weight-cutting strategy I wrote about last week.

Confession, Part 2: I stuck with it for all of 12 hours. This was on Saturday, which is when I would’ve had to start the 5-day process targeted to Thursday’s Wells Weighs In deadline.

Carrying a couple of these guys around with me Saturday might've made all the difference. Or not.

Carrying a couple of these guys around with me Saturday might’ve made all the difference. Or not.

What did me in: It wasn’t so much the carb cravings — though that was a factor — as the fact that I just didn’t have enough water around throughout the day* to get in 2 gallons to start the “flushing” process.

What I learned:

1. It’s fun to shake things up once in a while. Even though I didn’t stick with this diet, it was interesting to contemplate eating different foods and look at labels from a different perspective than I normally do. I still feel somewhat rejuvenated just from having tried this — a point that Talishia made in this week’s column.

2. If you’re going to try a diet that requires special supplies — in this case, 2 gallons of water on Day 1 — it helps to make sure you’ve got those supplies on hand.

3. With most diets, you can slip up a little and just keep going, knowing that you’re at least eating better than if you’re not trying at all. This is not one of those diets. It’s not about getting healthier; it’s about shedding water on a strict timetable. A pro fighter who can’t stay focused on his diet and winds up missing his weight target by even 1 pound has failed. I didn’t have that kind of pressure, nor the corresponding focus, and I caved.

4. It was interesting to see how much differently I found myself approaching a carb-limiting diet this time around, as opposed to the last time I tried it, on a 1999 trip to Florida.

As I recall, I lost 10 pounds during that weeklong trip, eating little else besides naked hamburgers, loaded omelets and, presumably, lots of seafood.  I distinctly remember having a dream that week in which I was eating carrots and ruminating on how sweet they tasted.

I promptly regained all 10 pounds shortly after we returned to Indiana.

This time around, I found myself reading labels and thinking about how I could get the best carbs within my limit. I was way more interested in “spending” 25 carbs on a banana than an Atkins bar, for instance. (Weirdly, Atkins bars have lots more carbs than I thought. But I’d be more likely to avoid them now anyway because I have trouble staying out of an opened box of anything chocolate or peanut buttery.)

The other major difference was that even though I did eat more protein and fat than usual, I continued to count Weight Watchers points so that I could see what I was doing in regard to my usual procedure.

*I went straight from work to Ben’s baseball double-header to a Mother’s Day family viewing of “Iron Man 3,” followed by dinner at a Mexican restaurant. I forget the name of the restaurant, but it’s that one in Quimby Village. It was completely deserted, which is too bad because our food was excellent. I don’t know how many times I’ve wished Mexican restaurants would serve veggies with salsa instead of chips. This one brought out veggies in addition to chips, which was nice. I also got a side dish of sliced avocado with my scrambled eggs, which was cool.

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