How mourning Buddy changed my diet

buddyIt’s weird getting used to life without Buddy, our 13-year-old half Newfoundland, half Great Pyrenees, occasionally ambulatory beanbag chair/rug.

He seemed completely normal until the morning of May 3, when he woke up weak and lethargic. We hoisted him into the car for a trip to the vet, who reported he was bleeding internally from some previously undiscovered tumors. We’d hoped to say goodbye Saturday morning before having him “put to sleep,” as they say, but he didn’t make it through the night.

I’ve put off writing anything about him because I’m not much of a dog person and I didn‘t want to say anything that smacked of false sentiment. I liked Buddy’s gentle personality and I appreciated how much he loved the kids and vice versa. How could you not have a soft spot for a  dog who, when we brought him home for the first time a few years ago — taking over from a family that couldn’t care for him anymore — allowed all four kids to lounge on him simultaneously like a giant bean bag chair?

We’ve all been missing Buddy in our own way. Here’s mine: Since he’s been gone I don’t think I’ve had more than one or two boiled egg whites, which up til May 3 was a daily staple in my diet.

I don’t think I’ve consciously given them up. But it just doesn’t seem the same to crack an egg and not hear Buddy stir, no matter where he’d been slumbering, to come over for his usual egg yolk treat.

On a practical level, it’s disorienting to not have a giant furry egg yolk receptical handy. I hate just throwing the boiled yolks away. I guess I could give them to Pesky, our grizzled, psychotic outdoor cat, but it wouldn’t be nearly as satisfying.

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5 Responses to How mourning Buddy changed my diet

  1. Sandra says:

    So sorry for your loss . . . it’s amazing how the furry four-leggeds affect us in ways we do not realize.

  2. triathlonobsession says:

    He’s got very sweet eyes—funny how you don’t realized how much a dog integrates into your life. We talk to our dog Lucy constantly and it would be so quiet without her. Oddly, she likes vegetable scraps! Sorry to hear about Buddy.

    • tischcaylor says:

      I feel guilty that I didn’t dote on him more. But I’m just not much of a pet snuggler, and there are so many people in this house who are. (Everybody but me, basically. Come to think of it, I’m not much of a hugger, either, except with my kids.)

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