Unlearning a new version of an old bad habit

I just love dates, but lately I’ve been loving them a little too much. Whereas two used to make a sweet, satisfying snack that I often preferred to most things in the candy aisle, one day in a raging hunger I wound up finishing off a 4-ounce box.



Which isn‘t a huge deal, really, since there are only three servings and 330 calories in the box. Trouble is, ever since then I can‘t seem to open a box without eating — or at least wanting to eat — the whole thing.

Don’t you just hate when that happens?

It seemed like I was buying dates every other day. Then one day I stopped by my supplier, Walgreen’s, and they were sold out. (No doubt the shelf stockers wondered about this sudden run on dates as well. )

I knew I could probably “unlearn” this irritating new habit if I worked at it over a few days. Or I could give up dates. But I didn’t want to do either. Instead, I switched to a new brand in a bigger package. Without the visual cue of the conquered package, my inner pig has been temporarily subdued. So far, I’m safely back to my usual 2-date serving.

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