WWI Week 14: Trying to stay positive

Is this the beginning of the end for the Fitness Protection Program?

With three weeks to go in Wells Weighs In, I’m up 5 pounds this week, Colleen’s stuck for the umpteenth week in a row and Traci hasn’t stepped on a scale in three weeks (that we know of). Only Grandpa,  our team’s Mr. Consistency, lost any weight this week — half a pound.


Colleen, all excited about her new training log, increased the minutes of running she did on the treadmill Thursday.

That would be the glass half-empty perspective. The positive viewpoint: We’re still in sixth place with a 6.53 percent loss overall. Over the past few weeks we’ve learned to appreciate the fact that all four of us have different styles when it comes to shaping up and losing weight.

Grandpa gains and loses very slowly, but I‘m just the opposite. For me, the scale can move several pounds in either direction over just a couple of days.  Over the course of this contest I’ve tended to move down a few pounds for the monthly weigh-in, bounce back up the following week, get to my previous low the week after that, and then move down a bit more for a monthly loss.

Traci seemed to be on cruise control over the first few weeks, but now she’s getting serious, ramping up her swimming — both in terms of workout frequency and intensity — and is even talking about doing a few “brick” workouts with me, even though she’s not planning to do a triathlon until the fall.

Colleen returned to tracking this week, writing down meals and snacks rather than just trying to keep track in her head. When she did this back in January she dropped several pounds in a hurry.

She‘s also excited about the Runner‘s World Training Log I gave her yesterday. Instead of just doing a random workout at the Y, spending 10-20 minutes each on two or three cardio machines, she decided to start tracking her speed, time and mileage on the treadmill. It’s a great way to see her improvement, which makes her workouts more fun.

Finally, here’s another reason to be optimistic: When we ran  into another Wells Weighs In competitor at the Y last night, he reported that his team, the Waist Busters, actually has a member who’s gained weight over the course of the contest. (As a team, they’ve lost .42 percent, according to the April results.)

He didn’t seem too broken up about it. “We just did it to be able to use the Y,” he said.

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2 Responses to WWI Week 14: Trying to stay positive

  1. Brian McCoy says:

    I swear by my RW training log. I record times and conditions in there — not just weather and the like but my own mood, work conflicts, you name it. It’s always interesting to look back at it months later and see where I was and what I was experiencing on my runs and otherwise.

    • tischcaylor says:

      You mean there’s somebody else out there who still uses writing implements — or are you talking about some kind of RW phone app? I just use a little notebook myself, but Colleen is grooving on having a “real” (if old fashioned) running log. Went from running 1/3 of a mile to a full mile in just two days.

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