Bike challenge fail

My poor bike's been neglected lately....

My poor bike’s been neglected lately….

So yeah, that bike challenge that I started late and never officially  signed up for? Not happening. I could blame the weather for the fact that I’ve missed more days than I’ve rode this month, but I can’t. The reality is, it’s still the lowest workout on my triathlon training totem pole — because in my mind, at least, it’s the most hassle.

I love riding once I’m out there doing it, but I hate putting air in the tires and loading it up if I’m going somewhere else to ride. I tend to rely on bike servants, but lately Ben’s JV baseball schedule has cut into his bike butler duties. (Even when they have rainouts, there’s indoor practices and grounds-keeping duties. The other day he literally spent an entire practice scooping water off the infield with a plastic cup.)

So this means that the Fox Island sprint triathlon, now less than a month away, is going to be more of a spring training event than an attempt at lowering my time. Still, I’m glad I heard about the bike challenge, because without it I’m not sure it would’ve occurred to me to spend several days earlier this month goofing around having kid-style fun on Colleen’s bike. Now that was fun.

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