A 5-calorie babysitter for my mouth

Every time I see a skinny person chomping gum I can’t help wondering if they’d be 20 pounds heavier without that habit. And then I wonder the same thing about myself, in reverse: Would I have had less of a weight problem if I could tolerate gum?

hallsbreezersI’ll never know, since merely typing the words “chewing gum” — ewwww!!!! — gives me the creeps.

But there’s something to be said for babysitting your mouth so it doesn’t get into any mischief when you’re not paying attention. What’s been working for me lately are Halls Breezers, a sugar-free berry flavored cough drop.

If I feel like I’m in danger of mindless munching, I pop one of those in my mouth and I’m instantly distracted, without putting my teeth at risk.

Now the only problem is keeping Ben out of my stash.

“But they’re so good,” he said the other day when I caught him sneaking one. “They’re practically like candy!”

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