WWI Week 11: The candy locker, reincarnated

“Mom, you need to hide my Easter candy!” Colleen wailed as she shifted into catch-up mode after an overly indulgent holiday weekend. But it was too late to undo the damage: She was up 3 pounds at yesterday’s informal home weigh-in, erasing last week’s triumphant loss.

The candy locker shows up in a new location in a new city.

The candy locker shows up in a new location in a new city. (I don’t think this locker has been used in decades).

It seemed like a good time to repeat what’s emerged as our team mantra during the four-month Wells Weighs In contest: “This is a marathon, not a sprint.”  With six weeks left, both Colleen and I are aiming for a 10 percent loss before the final month. Grandpa’s at 6.01 percent, which is better than expected. (He and I both lost a fraction of a pound this week). I’m not sure what Traci’s at. She’s lost a few pounds — and basically maintained this week — but is only just now getting back into running.

It also seemed like an excellent time to revive the candy locker. We’d closed out our old locker at the Bluffton city gym at the end of the year after switching to the YMCA (which doesn’t allow locks to stay on lockers overnight.) For a while the “candy locker” lived on as a duffle bag at a storage facility, but then we emptied that out and it rode around in the back of the van for a while before moving back into the house. Not surprisingly, its contents shrunk dramatically during this period, until all that was left were several dozen rolls of Smarties sweet tarts.

On Thursday I took the duffel bag, freshly restocked with Easter goodies, along to the office. Not trusting myself to keep the loot in my desk, I claimed an empty locker in a seldom-used restroom in the old “news factory” part of the building.

It’s not an ideal location, since it’s not like we have a workout facility on the premises. But it does give me a place to store workout stuff on days when I go running with friends before work. It’s also only a few blocks away from the downtown Y, so in theory we could go back to “earning” a piece of candy with a workout.

Here's what we're trying to avoid...

Here’s what we’re trying to avoid…

Reese Egg update:  I wound up buying a few more discounted Reese Eggs this week, which are now in the candy locker. But the original six-pack, which is part of the wager with Brent, is still hidden at home, to even out the temptation factor.

The way I see it, I’m entitled to four of the Reese Eggs in the candy locker, so that Brent and I have an equal amount. The kids get the rest. (Brent doesn’t think Darcy is likely to sneak any of their leftover eggs, as she’s not as into them as he is. He WOULD have to worry about Traci sneaking them when she comes over, if not for her recently developed peanut allergy.)

We still haven’t come up with either a penalty or a reward for this friendly competition. Stay tuned.

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5 Responses to WWI Week 11: The candy locker, reincarnated

  1. bgddyjim says:

    Ride for 40 miles (or a long run would do in a pinch) and give your four to Brent and the kids. Then go to the store and buy a bag for yourself… 😉

  2. tischcaylor says:

    Well, I certainly wouldn’t dispute that statement! You ARE nuts. But that’s what makes your blog so fun to read.

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