The retro fun biking challenge


I’d thought about signing up for the April daily biking pledge I read about on Car-free, meat-free runner, but decided there was  no way I’d actually do it. Even though I really need to start riding for the May 19 Fox Island sprint triathlon, some days it’s just too daunting to ride down the highway or load up the bike and drive somewhere for a ride. I’m getting better at overcoming these roadblocks (really, I am!), but I just couldn’t realistically see it happening.

Colleen's flip bike has a hinge in the center that enables her to fold it in half.

Colleen’s flip bike has a hinge in the center that enables her to fold it in half.

Then it occurred to me that I don’t have to ride my road bike down the highway every day. What if I rode Colleen’s cool little vintage flip bike around the driveway and/or neighborhood? Wouldn’t having kid-style bike fun count, too — especially if I got in a few road rides in along the way?

Of course, by waiting until April 3 to start I’ve already failed. But Wednesday’s “ride,” full of figure 8s and aimless circles, didn’t feel that way to me. Whether or not I actually sign up — if they’ll even let me at this point — I’m gonna go for it. I’ll just plan to get in two extra rides to make up for the two days I missed.

I wonder if spinning at the Y counts? Guess I’ll have to look into the rules of this challenge…


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One Response to The retro fun biking challenge

  1. Tanya, I posted this blog on Twitter. Probably not too late to join challenge.

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