Does age matter in yoga?


So I was googling the lotus pose yesterday — wondering whether I really have any hope of loosening up my stiff muscles at age 48 — when I come across this image of a lady I know must be in her mid-50s, judging from the fact that she graduated from Bluffton High School a few years ahead of Bob, who graduated three years ahead of me.

Colleen Saidman — aka Colleen Zello, older sister of Bob’s friend Nick — is an ex-fashion model turned yoga teacher who married celebrity yoga guru Rodney Yee a few years back.

Now, her body starts out in a different universe than mine to begin with, and when you add years of yoga practice, it’s no wonder she looks and moves the way she does. Still, seeing her in action in this video —  which is actually focused on simple restorative yoga poses — gives me hope. I”ll never get as flexible as she is, but there’s no where to go but up.

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