A dose of caffeinated reality


Everybody knows that standard coffeemakers don’t measure coffee the way modern humans do. Still, it was revealing to inadvertently set my largest measuring cup down next to the coffeemaker the other day and realize that they’re practically the same size — even though one holds 4 cups while the other purports to hold 10!

I’ve since started using this measuring cup to fill the coffeemaker (less spillage), and it turns out that 6 cups of water is just slightly too much. My “10 cup” coffee pot holds about 5 ¾ cups of water.

My first reaction to this realization: “Well! Guess I shouldn’t feel so bad if I drink an entire pot of coffee in the morning!” (As I often do.)

But I would like to cut back some, and somehow knowing that I don’t drink quite as much of this stuff as I thought I did makes that seem less daunting.

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