A 3-workout day — or just an active lifestyle?

In this week’s News-Sentinel column I talk about how to weave workouts into the things you already do, so that if one “scheduled” fitness session falls through, you’ve always got a built-in backup plan. 

But the even cooler aspect to this is that sometimes you wind up with multiple exercise sessions without even really trying. This past Monday, for instance, I went to my yoga class after work, then, stopping by my parents’ house that afternoon, couldn’t resist hopping on the treadmill for a couple of miles of jogging. (We don’t have a treadmill at our place, and I’ve come up with so many treadmill workouts this winter that being around one now almost feels like a bonus chance to play with somebody else’s new toy.)

Finally, the kids wanted to go swimming that night — not just open swim, either, but adult lap swim session — so naturally I had to go along and get in on the fun.

And it was fun to see the kids comparing workouts and stroke techniques with their cousins, Mason and Madison, who met us there. (Traci had to work).  It’s awesome to be more active as a family, to see that becoming a bigger part of who we are and what we do. Those days when my sister had to beg me to go for a walk seem very long ago and far away.

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