Hell-bent on letting go

The only way I can make it to my Monday yoga class on time is if I wear my yoga clothes under my work attire and strip off the outer layer as I’m getting out of the car.

I’ve got to dodge chit-chatting co-workers, skip my usual after-work bread store stop, and yesterday, when icy roads added a few minutes to the drive (and necessitated both hands on the wheel), I even had to forego my snack.

It’s so worth all the hassle. I just love exploring the mind-body interface, whether that‘s seeking strength in stillness or peace amid the turbulence of boat pose.

I’m laughably bad at this sort of thing. Besides my astounding stiffness, I’m an erratic breather. But the teacher — whose name I don’t recall, perhaps because I’ve never arrived early enough to hear her introductory remarks — is incredibly understanding and nonjudgmental. And every once in a while, she’ll have us move into a pose that I can almost sort of do.

But even when I’m way off the mark, when I’m just going through the motions, it feels like I’m getting better acquainted with my body.

I can’t exactly say that I feel refreshed afterward, the way I do after aerobic exercise. But I do feel a sense of exploration, of discovery, that all too often eludes a “try-hard” like me.

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5 Responses to Hell-bent on letting go

  1. Now that—–is yoga start to finish! Nice! 🙂

    • tischcaylor says:

      It’s a small start, helped along by the fact that one of the local Y branches offers free courses. 🙂 The one I tried initially didn’t fit my schedule very well, and I wound up not going back. But I like this class and the instructor, if I can just make it there on time!

    • tischcaylor says:

      Well it’s a start, anyway, helped along by the fact that one of the local Y branches offers free classes. 🙂 The first one I tried didn’t fit my schedule very well. I really like this class and instructor, if I can just make it there on time!

  2. Shanny says:

    Oh, I have long wished that I liked yoga. I’ve tried a few classes and even took a 6 week Yoga 101 course. I really do believe that there is so much there to open up beyond just flexibility. I just can’t take the touchy-feely-community-love nonsense that all the ones I’ve been to have preached.

    Maybe I should try hot yoga….there’s probably less group touching in that one, right?

    • tischcaylor says:

      Well, you probably know more about it than I do. I don’t even know a a hamstring from a quad, much less the pose names, so I guess I’ve just lucked into a fairly tolerant, non touchy class. Good luck if you give it another try …

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