WWI Week 8: When you’re stuck, go swimming

After two hours in the pool Wednesday night, Colleen was surprised and disappointed to not see a loss when she stepped on the scale Thursday morning.

Colleen's gotten hooked on swimming ever since last weekend's team triathlon.

Colleen’s gotten hooked on swimming ever since last weekend’s team triathlon.

If this weight-loss project were something she was doing on her own, she might be ready to give up right about now. After losing close to 10 pounds the first month, she’s been stuck now for several weeks.

But with one week to go before our next official team weigh-in, she knows she can’t let her team down — and she knows she’s got our support. So even though she was disappointed, she made sure to take time to measure out her portions yesterday. And last night, she asked to go back to the pool.

Colleen’s seen how swimming has helped her cousin Madison slim down. And right now, it’s easier to push herself in the pool than to go jogging. So this is going to be her exercise of choice for a while, which is good because it’s finally gotten me back in the pool with just a couple of months to go before the Fox Island Triathlon.

As for the rest of the team, Grandpa’s lost another half pound, while Traci reported she was up a couple of pounds. After two weeks in a row of small gains, I was down 5 pounds this week.

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