Our ‘A’ team takes 1st place in indoor triathlon

The A team: Ben, Traci and Madison.

The A team: Ben, Traci and Madison.

The results are in from last weekend’s indoor triathlon at the Strauss-Peabody Aquatic Center in North Manchester, and we were stunned to learn that our ‘A’ Team — Madison, Traci and Ben — won the team competition.

There were only seven teams competing, but it still seems cool considering how we just sort of threw this together without a lot of planning or training (except for Madison, who was in shape from swim team).

We knew only one other swimmer had done better than Madison all day, and he was an individual competitor. That guy, who wound up as the individual winner, swam 36.6 lengths in 15 minutes to Maddie’s 35.4. 

What we didn’t realize was that Ben’s 2-mile treadmill run was third overall* and first among team competitors — or that Traci’s sixth-place cycling effort was good enough for second best among teams. So with two firsts and one second, the ‘A’ team finished with 290.7 out of a possible 300 points, more than 40 points ahead of the second-place team.

Which was not, incidentally, our Fitness Protection Program “B” team. We came in fifth out of seven teams, just .5 points ahead of the sixth-place team. Not surprisingly, our 10-year-0ld swimmer and 70-year-old cyclist finished last among their respective team competitors. But I didn’t do much better, placing fifth out of seven team treadmill runners with a 15-minute treadmill run of 1.72 miles.

But hey, this was something we did for fun, and it didn’t hurt that it was a fundraiser. (Though we weren’t familiar with the aquatic center before this event, it seems like a nice place worthy of support. Who knows? Maybe if they allow drop-in visits, I’ll work out there some time when I go over to pick Rowan up from Manchester University, which is just a few blocks away.)

*Of course, those other runners had already swam and biked, whereas Ben was just running.

The "B" team: Me, Grandpa and Colleen.

The “B” team: Me, Grandpa and Colleen.

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