Running nowhere fast

It’s weird, looking back over February, to realize I didn’t get in a single long run. Nothing over 5 miles, in fact.

On the other hand, I never expected to do so much speed work. As I’ve been working on 15-minute treadmill time trials in preparation for Saturday’s indoor team triathlon, I find myself getting closer to breaking an 8-minute mile, which is something I haven’t done in, oh, 30 years or so.

It’s been interesting to develop a rhythm in these runs — 8 minutes at an opening speed, bump it up for a minute, bump it up again for another minute, then back down to the original speed for three minutes before two slight increases in the final two minutes.

I started out with an opening speed of 6 mph, gradually increased it to 6.5 mph, and then late last week cranked out an opening speed of 7 mph, which seemed way too fast for me — and yet, I found I could do it if I just … kept going and didn’t fret so much.


That got me to just over 1.75 miles, which is really better than I could’ve hoped for just 2-3 weeks ago when I first heard about this event. So now naturally I’m fantasizing about somehow cranking out 2 miles in 15 minutes, but that’s just too much of a leap forward in the few days I have left … Especially when I hopped on the treadmill over the weekend feeling  sore from a 6-mile ramble along the railroad tracks (more on that later) and struggled to keep up anything much over 6 mph. (It didn’t help that I’d forgotten to tie my hair back, so it was flying all over the place and was a major distraction.)

So, we’ll see what happens on Saturday. It’s all just for fun, so the results don’t matter too much, especially since I’m on the “B” team. I just hope, once this is over, I don’t completely abandon these time trials in my rush to get back outside.

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2 Responses to Running nowhere fast

  1. triathlonobsession says:

    Whenever I do some quick sets–I’m always talking to myself—reminding myself not to freak out, to calm down and not scrunch up my shoulder. Silly how we can get the better of ourselves—mind over matter!

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