WWI Week 6: Official standings (and a little TMI)

The official results were finally posted yesterday, and somehow — despite my sister Traci managing to lose just 1.8 pounds in the first month of Wells Weighs In — we’re in sixth place out of 101 teams with a total loss of 4.74 percent. (The team in first place, “Waist Not Want Not,” has a loss of 7.24 percent, which is awesome.)

Traci tried to explain her subpar performance by saying she was constipated in the days leading up to the official weigh-in. So now this week, with nothing on the line, she reports that she’s down 8 pounds from her original weight. No wonder she doesn’t trust scales!

Meanwhile, Colleen’s down 1 pound, Grandpa’s down .8 of a pound, and I’m up 2. (I had the opposite of Traci’s problem the day before the official weigh-in, so I was probably a bit dehydrated when I stepped on the scale last week.)

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