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A treadmill triumph: 2 Smoky Mountain climbs designed

The only number that really matters on the screen above is 1,335 feet — the exact vertical climb in the 2-mile hike to Chimney Tops in Great Smoky Mountain National Park. The workout that generates this climb is below. Given … Continue reading

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The great cupcake escape

The predicament: Someone’s offering up an awesome office treat. You take one because it’s just so darn cute, but you don‘t really want to eat it. At least, not right then. You actually want to smuggle it out of the … Continue reading

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How ‘Normal People’ Eat: Rachel Blakeman

I’d gotten away from doing “Normal People” interviews, in part because of the extra work involved but primarily because I started wondering if such beings actually existed, or whether they were just a figment of my food-obsessed imagination. An awful lot of people … Continue reading

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Chilly chili run in the woods

Approaching bison territory during Saturday’s Chilly Chili Run, I was all set to take the short route back to the camp lodge at Oubache State Park. All that sheer ice on the trail was really getting to me, along with … Continue reading

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WWI Week 3: How to ‘treat’ a gain

How do you “treat” yourself after a gain on weigh-on day? Not with a single-serve slice of Edwards Key Lime Pie*, that’s for sure! After Colleen and I both posted small gains this week — teammates Traci and Grandpa lost … Continue reading

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Making dietary decisions that ‘stick’

Why do some dietary edits “stick,” while others don’t? It’s been more than 2 years now since I’ve eaten French Fries — once among my most favorite foods — and I can’t even say that I miss them. Whereas I … Continue reading

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Working toward a treadmill Chimney Top

My sister and I sketched out an experimental front half of Chimney Top trail on Dad’s new treadmill on Tuesday. In researching the climb, we suddenly came up with even more incentive to complete our treadmill trail: The real deal … Continue reading

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Another convert?

I couldn’t sell a Girl Scout Cookie to a sugar addict, but when it comes to trying to sell people on the idea that they can do a triathlon, I just can’t help myself. My latest victim was Rachel, a … Continue reading

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A place where Jurek and Karnazes can co-exist.

Scott Jurek and Dean Karnazes are my ultra running heroes, which is kinda like saying you root for both IU AND Purdue, or the Cubs AND the White Sox.  These guys are polar opposites, from their looks (dork vs. stud) … Continue reading

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WWI Week 2: Colleen carries pathetic teammates

Theoretically, the three adults on our Wells Weighs In team are old hands at getting in shape, ready to provide gentle guidance to our less-experienced junior member. But in Week 2, 10-year-old Colleen put the rest of us to shame, … Continue reading

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