Triathlon teams’ training under way

Well, it’s official: We’ve got two teams entered in next Saturday’s indoor triathlon at the Peabody Aquatic and Fitness Center in North Manchester.

Madison, Traci and Ben will make up the Fitness Protection Program “A” Team, while Colleen, Dad and I will represent the “B” team. (Average age of the “A” team: 23. Average age of the “B” team: 42. Yup, my little sister gets to pedal between a couple of teenagers, while I’m paired up with a 70-year-old and a 10-year-old.)

It should be fun to do this as a team, and frankly I’m relieved — not just because I haven’t been swimming since before Christmas, but also because I’m likely to arrive just as our event begins, since I’ll be driving over straight from work. This way, even if I’m running late, I ought to at least arrive in time for my event: a 15-minute treadmill run.

The down side is that we don’t have much time to train. Though Madison’s just wrapping up her middle school swim season and should be in great shape for the “A” team, Colleen — standing in for Mason, who has a basketball tournament that day — hadn’t been swimming in months before I took her to the pool last night.

She swam 300 yards during her experimental 15-minute “time trail.” Pretty slow, but at least she was able to swim the whole time without stopping. Not bad for the “B” team!

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