The great cupcake escape


The predicament: Someone’s offering up an awesome office treat. You take one because it’s just so darn cute, but you don‘t really want to eat it. At least, not right then. You actually want to smuggle it out of the office to eat later.

In the case of this particular cupcake — which was made in honor of Groundhog Day — I wanted to take it to show Rowan when I picked her up at college after I got off work. But how to spirit it out of the office without offending its culinary creator, Katie the copy editor?

The solution: Drain coffee from “go” cup. Carefully place cupcake in bottom of cup, then replace lid. Carry cupcake disguised as coffee cup out of office as nonchalantly as possible, being sure to compliment the cook as you leave.

Feel free to use this technique tomorrow for Valentine’s Day treats — or any other time it might be of use.

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