WWI Week 3: How to ‘treat’ a gain

IMG_0261How do you “treat” yourself after a gain on weigh-on day?

Not with a single-serve slice of Edwards Key Lime Pie*, that’s for sure! After Colleen and I both posted small gains this week — teammates Traci and Grandpa lost 1.5 pounds between them to help balance out our team’s performance — we knew we needed a healthy indulgence rather than Colleen’s usual weigh-in day treat of choice.

larabarpkgSo we made homemade Lara Bars instead. The recipe comes from Rachel Blakeman, a friend from church who would make a great “Normal People” interview if I ever get around to doing any more of those. She got it from this page on enlightendcooking.blogspot.com,  which looks cool, though I had trouble loading the page the recipe’s on (making me wonder if it was under attack by corporate hackers, fretting that their secret’s out.)

IMG_0257We made the “cherry pie” flavor, and not only did these taste pretty darn close to the real thing, they were also easier to make than I expected. I just dumped ¼ cup of dates in the blender — I didn’t even chop them up first, like you’re supposed to — then added ¼ cup of cherry-flavored Craisins and let the machine do its thing. I dumped those in a bowl, ground up 1/3 cup walnuts in the blender (though I could‘ve used the coffee grinder for that), dumped those in the bowl, added ¼ teaspoon cinnamon and mixed it all up with my fingers.

We then divided the goop between two pieces of plastic wrap and used that to help shape it into two bars. Yum!

As for our gain, Grandpa and Traci were uncharacteristically understanding about that. (It’s still two weeks til our official team weigh-in, after all). Colleen had lost 11 pound in the first two weeks, and since basketball ended this was her first week without any pre-programmed exercise, so it wasn’t shocking she’d gone up a bit.

I don’t have a great excuse, other than I guess I haven’t “gotten serious” yet. On Thursday morning I eyeballed the number on the scale, knowing I could still produce a last-minute “loss” by sweating a little before my morning cup of coffee. But I didn’t bother, because the stakes aren’t that high. I’m not weighing in at Weight Watchers for another 10 days, and the Wells Weighs In scale check is a few days after that. So from that perspective — the one most ingrained in my brain, the “automatic” settings on which I’m programmed unless I do something to override them — I’ve just kind of been on cruise control, I guess.

* 9 Weight Watchers points for a single-serve slice.

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One Response to WWI Week 3: How to ‘treat’ a gain

  1. That sounds easy enough. I’ll have to try those.

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