Another convert?

I couldn’t sell a Girl Scout Cookie to a sugar addict, but when it comes to trying to sell people on the idea that they can do a triathlon, I just can’t help myself.

fox island logoMy latest victim was Rachel, a fellow home schooling mom I hadn’t seen in years until Sunday, when she hosted a reunion for a friend who’d moved away. I didn‘t even know Rachel was a runner. (I certainly wasn’t, the last time we met in person). When she revealed she’s an occasional swimmer as well, she was doomed to hear my sales pitch.

I don’t get any commission for signing people up — in this case, for the Fox Island Triathlon May 19 — other than the hope that the more newbies who show up, the more company I’ll have in the rear of the pack.

The only problem is, most of the people I’m trying to persuade to enter this race are likely to beat me. But that would be a nice problem to have.

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2 Responses to Another convert?

  1. sammi says:

    Thought about it, need practice at swimming. But it is my weekend to work.

    • tischcaylor says:

      Aw Sammi, as long as you didn’t drown you’d probably crawl out of the lake ahead of me! Think about it. (I might end up doing the one in June instead, though. I’ll be deciding here pretty soon which it will be.)

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