WWI Week 2: Colleen carries pathetic teammates

Theoretically, the three adults on our Wells Weighs In team are old hands at getting in shape, ready to provide gentle guidance to our less-experienced junior member.

Colleen's been doing a great job of tracking both her eating and her exercise.

Colleen’s been doing a great job of tracking both her eating and her exercise.

But in Week 2, 10-year-old Colleen put the rest of us to shame, losing another 5.0 pounds for a total of 11.0 pounds. Whereas Traci stayed the same, I was up half a pound, and Dad conveniently “forgot” to get a morning weight. (They’d spent the night at my brother’s place in Brownsburg, near Indy, but that was no excuse as he’d packed the bathroom scale for that very purpose.)

“I’m going to weigh in,” Dad insisted when I checked in with him  yesterday. But he wouldn’t say when, and the true reason for his hesitancy then came to light: “Well,” he admitted, “it’s not gonna be that great anyway.”

He finally weighed in last night and wound up with a 1-pound loss. But we’re all gonna have to turn it up a notch to keep up with Colleen.

Treadmill mountain hike update

Neither Dad nor Traci was up for trying treadmill mountain hikes during our weekly team workout at the Y on Tuesday. They’re both easing back into working out, and neither liked the “route” I’ve been working on, which starts right off with 2 miles up a steep slope — the maximum 15% incline setting.

I know it’s probably better — and more realistic — to start off with a gentler climb, but I really like tackling that big hill first thing so that I don’t keep putting it off. Then it occurred to me that this workout could be our indoor version of Clingman’s Dome, a famously short but steep trail in the Smoky Mountains.

I’ve been doing this at 4 mph, which is a pretty fast walk given the grade. So my current best time on this “treadmill trail” is 30 minutes.

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