1-point pepperoni pizza

1pointpizzaThe magic number with turkey pepperoni is three slices. It’s the perfect amount for a snack-sized pizza, and it’s as much as you can get away with for zero Weight Watchers points. Add one more, and you’ve got to take a point.

Cassie can't wait to try her 1-point snack pizza.

Cassie can’t wait to try her 1-point snack pizza.

So. Slide your pepperoni onto the bottom half of a Slimwich smeared with pizza sauce, add onions and mushrooms or other veggies if you like, and top with half a tablespoon* of Parmesan cheese. Pop in the microwave or oven, and you’ve got yourself a tasty 1-point snack.

*Or add a full tablespoon to make it a 2-point snack pizza. But 1/2 tablespoon works pretty well, so why take the penalty point if you don’t have to? Have a second 1-point pizza instead…

The 1-point comes from the Slimwich bottom, by the way. I thought about trying little tricks to try to make this a zero-point pizza, but even 1/4 a Slimwich still comes out to about 5 carbs, which is just enough to cost you a point. 

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