My favorite Janathoner

You know how yesterday I was talking about Janathon envy? Well, the Janathoner I’ve been envying most is a blogger called the Car-Free, Meat-Free Runner who works down the hall from Bob and I at The Journal-Gazette.

Turns out Mike and his wife, Karen — a librarian who was Ben’s social studies teacher for a while back when we were home schooling — decided to park their car back in August rather than spend $1,000 on repairs. After getting along without it for the next month, they donated it to a local charity. They’ve been car-free ever since.

Now, this may not be that big a deal in New York or Chicago, but not many people in Fort Wayne are willing to trust their daily existence to public transit. These guys walk to church and Mike bikes or walks to work, while Karen rides the bus.  They and their home schooled son have  continued to volunteer at a wetland on the edge of town, walking the mile and a half from the closest bus stop.

I’d been catching Karen’s occasional Facebook updates on their experiment before she told me about Mike’s blog. His Janathon updates are unlike anybody else’s I’ve read, because he doesn’t have to figure out how he’s going to squeeze in daily exercise. Biking and walking are built right into his schedule — even during these frigid winter months — and he tends to do a fair amount of jogging just doing recon on the least icy routes to get to work.

You’d think their lack of wheels would keep them home a fair amount, especially this time of year. But the funny thing is, I’ve had a hard time trying to catch Karen on the phone to see about doing a newspaper column on their experiment. Then I catch up on Mike’s blog and see why: They’re constantly out and about, doing way more interesting things than we are on any given day.

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