Week One: 20 pounds lost (more or less)

As if Colleen wasn't excited enough about her 6-pound loss, she also got to go to the circus Thursday -- and caught a balloon from Sambo the clown!

As if Colleen wasn’t excited enough about her 6-pound loss, she also got to go to the circus Thursday — and caught a balloon from Sambo the clown!

How do you measure Week One results in a weight-loss contest?

As a team, this year’s incarnation of the Fitness Protection Program reported a first-week loss of just over 20 pounds: Six pounds each for Colleen* and Traci, 4.8 for me** and 4.5 for Dad.

“So how much of your ‘loss’ can be attributed to clothing, or lack thereof?” I asked my dad.

“Well … most of it,” he admitted.

I wasn’t going to ask too many questions about my sister’s report; I’m still surprised she was willing to step on a scale at all. Still, she seemed pleased to have moved out of her “pregnancy” weight zone.

“Amazing what happens when you cut out regular pop!”  she texted.

At this point, it’s all about establishing momentum and enthusiasm. Grandpa, psyched up about his first gym workout in eons, went out Thursday and bought a treadmill for his garage. Meanwhile, Colleen’s thrilled about getting to choose more exciting snacks now that she’s doing a good job of not frittering away her Weight Watchers points on stuff she doesn’t care that much about. On Thursday, as a special treat for doing a good job, she got to pick out a single serving piece of Edwards frozen key lime pie (9 points).

As far as I can tell, Dad and Traci are using their standard methods for “cutting back” — eliminating extras like Traci’s Mountain Dews and, in my dad’s case, reducing portion sizes.

I started out limiting most of my carbs to morning consumption — sticking to fruit, veggies and lean protein after lunch — then decided to eliminate sugar altogether for a while, like I did during the holidays.

As for Colleen, she’s tracking her eating and exercise in a little notebook. One big difference from last year: She now realizes there’s no advantage in conveniently “forgetting” to write down some snacks.

“If there’s one thing I’ve learned,” she said, “the only thing you have to gain by sneaking food is weight.”

*Colleen weighed in this morning in shorts and a T-shirt — less than what she was wearing last week, but in line with what she’ll be wearing on future official scale checks.

**I was down 4.8 pounds from last week’s first-thing-in-the-morning weight — the only tangible comparison, I thought, since my official starting weight was taken after the addition of breakfast, liberal amounts of coffee and a layer or two of clothing.


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