Cleaning out the candy locker


“This is a bittersweet day,” I told Colleen as we cleaned out the candy locker Wednesday.

She nodded solemnly. Well, not really. Actually she laughed. Still, we were both a bit sad to realize we probably wouldn’t be renewing our city gym key this year now that we’ve got a pass to the Y.

candylockerpeachWe’ve been coming here the past three years, and started stashing our excess candy in locker No. 9 two years ago. We can still come during open gym hours, like we did last night, when Colleen shot a few baskets. But we can’t really maintain a locker at a gym we can only access periodically.

It’s not yet clear whether we could get away with the candy locker concept at any of the Y locations. At the downtown Fort Wayne branch, there’s a sign warning that any locks left on lockers overnight will get cut off.

Is it possible we’ve outgrown this whole concept? Maybe. Ideally. But with Wells Weighs In starting today, we didn’t want to take a chance. For the time being, we’re moving our candy stash to a storage unit we need to be emptying out soon.

As we were leaving the gym, Colleen said, “Wait! Don’t pull out yet! I’ve got to eat my Snickers. This is the last piece of candy I’ll eat at the gym.”

I had a Hershy’s Kiss and a Sweet Tart before we sealed the stash up in its new location, but frankly, after two days of unrestrained eating, I’m ready to go back to eating healthy.

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