The zero-point breakfast sandwich

Roll your eyes if you must, but that's a pretty satisfying zero-point breakfast in my book.

Roll your eyes if you must, but that’s a pretty satisfying zero-point breakfast in my book.

Checking out points totals of fast food breakfast sandwiches at Weight Watchers Tuesday morning, Mom was  disappointed that her favorite McDonald’s biscuit cheese biscuit is 14 points, and some of the other variations she likes aren’t much less.

I suggested she try the Subway egg-white sandwiches, but because we were both in a hurry, I somehow forgot all about my latest points coup: the zero-point egg sandwich.

Low-fat turkey pepperoni provides  flavorand substance  for 5 calories a slice.

Low-fat turkey pepperoni provides flavorand substance for 5 calories a slice.

To make it, I spray a microwave-safe bowl with nonfat cooking spray and then zap two egg whites for about 2 minutes in our smallish microwave. (In a larger one, 1 minute would probably suffice).

I then take half a slice of toasted Healthy Goodness bread (17  calories), cut it into two quarters, and place the egg patty on it.

I then add three slices of turkey pepperoni (16 calories, or around 5 calories a slice), which according to my calculations slide in under the 1-point threshold.

No cheese, sorry. I sometimes add a dab of ketchup or hot sauce, but the pepperoni provides quite a bit of flavor all by itself. This concoction comes close enough to a real breakfast sandwich that I’m willing to deal with it, especially for zero points.

If you like, you could always add half an ounce of a low-cal cheese for a 1-point sandwich, or use both halves of the toast for a 2-point sandwich.

An amusing side note:

This egg sandwich idea was “hatched” in the days leading up to Tuesday’s weigh-in, when I needed something new and fun to help me get through some days when I wouldn’t be allowing myself very many points.

Technically, I have all month to “make weight” and keep my lifetime Weight Watchers membership status, but I needed to make it this week if I wanted to have a couple of “pigout” days before Thursday’s opening scale check for Wells Weighs In. (I swear, sometimes I spend more time hopping on and off of scales than a high school wrestler.)

With this in mind, I refrained from sampling the giant frosted cookie at Dad’s birthday party Sunday, deciding that I’d save a piece for later, after my weigh-in.

So within minutes of stepping off the scale Tuesday — yes, I made it, with 1.4 pounds to spare — I promptly began making up for all the eating I hadn’t been doing the last few days.

Result: By the time I got around to that slice of birthday cookie I’d set aside earlier, I was way too full to even think about eating it. I wound up giving it to Cassie instead.

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