Stuffing sweet potatoes


I was intrigued by an AP recipe for stuffed sweet potatoes I saw at work earlier this week. The green and orange color combination, from the sautéed kale, really appealed to me — as did the roasted garlic, which I’d never attempted before. Who knew it was as easy as snipping off one end of each head, packing them in foil and throwing them in the oven for an hour along with the sweet potatoes?

The smell of the roasting garlic was awesome, especially since I was nursing a cold. When they’d cooled I squeezed the garlic paste out like it was a little tube of toothpaste and ate it plain. Fantastic — don’t tell the vampires!

As for the potatoes, I simplified the recipe and just mashed up the potato with a little Parmesan and Greek yogurt, then topped it with sautéed broccoli and onion. It was tasty — but nearly as good as what I came up with next.

sweetpotato1On the next potato, I mashed up the flesh with a little butter, then topped it with chopped dates and walnuts. Was it a main course, or dessert? Who cares — it was amazing, and that was all that matters!

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