My neighbor the treadmill enthusiast

While I’m trying to get back in the swing of enduring the occasional  treadmill run, it turns out my neighbor Yolanda has the opposite problem: Over the past year she’s gotten used to cranking out 5 miles at a time on a treadmill — but struggles when she tries to run outside.

“They’re so different,” she told me yesterday when I called her up to see if she had any treadmill tips for an upcoming newspaper column. “I think it’s way harder to go outside and run.”

Yolanda, whose son Darin is one of Ben’s neighborhood pals, started using a treadmill about a year ago as a way to get some exercise while babysitting. She’s never looked out of shape, as far as I could tell, but she said she feels much better since she started working out.  Plus she savors the “me” time.

“For me, that treadmill has been a godsend,” she said.

She built up her mileage bit by bit, listening to music as she ran. For her, upbeat tunes — especially those with a “man-bashing” theme — seem to be most effective.

“There’s just something about those women-empowering songs that really gets me going,” she said, laughing. “I have to have music. I can‘t be on it and just go, or just look out the window or whatever.”

She was shocked at the difference on her first attempt at running outside,  up her parent’s ¾ mile driveway. “The wind and everything really got to me,” she said. “I was huffing and puffing by the time I got up to the house.”

That experience didn’t deter her from joining a friend in running the Fort4Fitness 4-mile run this past fall, though. She discovered it was much easier to run outdoors when you’re in the middle of a huge, enthusiastic crowd.

“It was so much fun!” she said. “I got so caught up in it, I just wanted to keep going.”

Yolanda wound up running the River City Rat Race 5K, and hopes to do some more races in the future, though she expects she‘ll stick to the treadmill for her training because it’s much more convenient with her babysitting schedule.

The only problem is, she‘s got to find somebody to fix hers. It‘s been broken the past three weeks, which has really bummed her out.

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2 Responses to My neighbor the treadmill enthusiast

  1. Brian McCoy says:

    “Enduring the treadmill” is so right. Running in the gym for me is always something of a bummer — less strenuous and certainly less aesthetically pleasing. In a way, too, it’s more isolating, even though I’m surrounded by dozens of people, glowing TVs, grunts and groans and the muffled crash of weights. My gym-run season is summer. Temps regularly top three-digits in our corner of Northern California then and I dare not brave them; heat stroke, I believe, is also less than aesthetically pleasing. I hope someday to develop your friend’s love of treadmill work; it would certainly make my late May through mid-September running more rewarding.

    • tischcaylor says:

      Wow, and you must spend a lot of time on there in any given session, too, with all those half marathons you run. You are one of my running heroes — good to hear from you!

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