Run streak builds confidence

New Year’s Day marked the last day of my Runner’s World Holiday Run Streak. It would’ve been nice to go out with a memorable sojourn, but rounding up at least some of the kids for a First Day Hike seemed more worthwhile at the time. (I know that, barring injury, I’m going to be running and working out in 2013. It seemed more important to stoke the family fitness vibe.)

But I also knew I’d manage to squeeze in a run sometime, somewhere, before the clock struck midnight. And I did. After taking Rowan and Colleen to Fort Wayne to exchange some Christmas gifts, I stopped off at the Southwest YMCA and uncorked a quick mile on the indoor track.

When we were still home schooling, I used to take pride in the fact that we made use of nearly all 14 Allen County library branches, sneaking in a book fill-up in whatever part of town we happened to be in. And now we can do the same thing with our Y membership. It doesn’t have as many branches, but you’re never terribly far from one wherever you are in the city.

I haven’t crunched my run-streak numbers yet (which will require retrieving them from my prehistoric handwritten log), but I doubt they’re terribly impressive. True, I had a couple of long runs in there, including a half-marathon, but there were an awful lot of days where I only got in the minimum mile.

Still, one thing I definitely take away from this run streak is the confidence that I can always find a way to sneak in a run, if I really want to. (My closest call came on Christmas Eve, when we were so busy I nearly forgot altogether. I wound up running laps around our rec room from 11:45-midnight, figuring 15 minutes ought to get me a mile, no matter how slow I was going under the weird conditions).

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