‘First Day’ hiking fun


Cassie and Colleen had a great time going on a guided nature hike New Year’s Day at Ouabache State Park.

This was the first year our local state park participated in the First Day Hike, a program that started in Massachusetts 20 years ago and has grown to the point that this year there were more than 500 New Year’s Day hikes scheduled in all 50 states.

The First Day Hike at Ouabache State Park, one of 20 in Indiana yesterday, was an informative 1-mile walk around the bison field. Did you know that …

  • American bison aren’t actually considered buffalo — that you have to go to Africa or Asia to find those beasts?
  • Bison can run 35 mph, which means they can outrun a horse for 100 yards or so?
  • Despite weighing around a ton each, they can jump a 6-foot fence?

This was news to Cassie, Colleen and I. We had fun watching the dominant male do his best to outeat the other nine males (and one female) in the herd. But mainly it was just nice to get out and go for a walk in the snowy woods on a cold but sunny winter day.


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