Putting a holiday treat to the Grinch test

Can Christmas come without a big red and green bag of Peanut M&Ms?

A year ago, the prospect of going without a holiday treat dating back to childhood — when our stockings always contained a big bag we didn’t have to share — would’ve surely diminished my holiday cheer.

grinchcoverBut after a months-long trial ban of this particularly addictive substance, coupled with my holiday sugar detox experiment, I think I’m ready to put this piece of nostalgia to the Grinch test — and see what Christmas feels like without it.

I wondered if the kids would think I was being Grinchlike if I didn’t buy any holiday-themed M&Ms this year. But Colleen assured me this wasn’t the case, nothing they’re readily available year round.

“Sure, they’re red and green at Christmas,” she said, “but there’s lots of other stuff to eat at Christmas. I wouldn’t miss them one bit.”

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